1. Gayle Maher (Brookes)

    Well I have to say congratulations on your discovery into motherhood and being a woman. Wendy you have had a great upbringing with two beautiful parents that loved you soooo very much and gave you every opportunity to grow within yourself into this beautiful smart woman.

    We have things put in our way through out life to challenge us. Sometimes we make the incorrect move and then sometimes the right move. As long as we learn by the experience. That is life.

  2. Beautiful post. Bravo for braving it and putting it out there. It is probably good you waited while you processed such big emotions for all of you. Your Aunty Pen’s comments made me get teary! You must be a good mum and a wise woman, it seems. Good luck for the next golden phase x

  3. Aunty Pen

    Miss 11’s story could be your experience in Sydney all those years ago. I’m thinking what didn’t kill you then certainly made you stronger and help shape you into what you are today … a model mother, an sympathetic listener, a straight up woman with no qualms about believing in yourself and your ideals. I love you very much for that. The older you get, the stronger you become …. more like your Mother and your Grandmother every day.

    • wendy

      Oh my Aunty Pen. Such lovely & kind words. One thing is for sure, the women in our family come from a place of strength & love which is generations old. What an appropriate thing to share on this week all about celebrating Women!

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