Grandad Stories

Welcome to the Grandad Stories. Written by Wendy Milner and illustrated by Naomi Bulger.

The first book in our series tells the story of Grandad and the Baby Dolphin. This is a true story of a cray-fisherman from WA who stumbles across a baby dolphin tangled in fishing rope. As the pod take turns helping the baby dolphin to breathe, it becomes clear that the dolphin is drowning. Grandad and his friends decide to solve the puzzle and untangle the ropes, but the pod aren’t sure of Grandad’s intentions. They click and buzz and squeak. They trash and bash and splash.

Grandad perseveres and manages to rescue the baby. The pod then squeaks and buzzes and clicks. They jump in and out of the waves, over and under the boat …

Grandad and the Baby Dolphin is a children’s picture book intended to be read by young children aged 4 to 7 years. The key themes and emotions in this story are of caring and belonging. It is based within a context of caring for the environment but extends into family (the dolphins) and friendship (Grandad and his friends).

This is a true story. There are direct links to the cray fisherman of Western Australia, and in particular the coastal towns around Jurien, Cervantes, Green Head and Lancelin.

We hope you share our excitement for this new picture book and can’t wait to share it’s journey with you.

Grandad and the Baby Dolphin will be officially launched at the Blessing of the Fleet in Jurien Bay, 12th November 2016. Look out for me, I’ll be in town signing books, doing readings and generally loitering like a local.