About Naomi

Illustrator Naomi Bulger is a mail-artist who sends miniature paintings through the post to complete strangers, all over the world.  See her painted mail gallery at naomiloves.com/mail-art.

Naomi writing mail

When Naomi was a teenager, she and her family lived deep in the Australian bush with no electricity, no running water, and no telephone.

Those formative years were centered around sustainability: waking, sleeping, growing, eating, and living in tune with the rhythms of the days and the seasons. They taught her to take creative risks, to be unafraid of the new, and to trust to the secret workings of a world that is much bigger and more mysterious than we comprehend.

In 2008, Naomi moved to New York City to find adventure. When she got there, she also found love.

Today she lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her husband, their two beautiful and exhausting toddlers, a dog with international stamps on his passport, and the world’s fattest rescue cat.

When not illustrating Grandad Stories and making mail-art, Naomi is also a journalist, magazine editor, author, copywriter, and blogger.

Her debut novella Airmail was published in April 2011; she is the author of non-fiction books Talk Without Being Interrupted and Seventeen Summers; and was the launch Editor of Nett magazine in Australia.

Her personal blog is naomiloves.com.